Casualty’s Derek Thompson Dines at Zaman’s

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Derek Thompson, best known for playing Casualty character Charlie Fairhead, spent Christmas Eve with us.

The television star from Cardiff was visiting friends and family in the area when he popped in to enjoy a meal here at Zaman’s in Newquay.

Derek went for owner Eshan ‘Mo’ Miah’s special Zaman’s Changasi Changasi, which is one of his signature dishes unique to the restaurant. It is not the first time Mo has cooked for a celebrity after previously serving up a treat for Rio Ferdinand, Vinnie Jones and David Seaman.

Proud Mo said: “Derek came to us at Zaman’s in a group of six on Christmas Eve for a pre-Christmas Indian meal. They came in at 7pm and were the last to leave about 10:30pm as they had a great time.”

“As Zaman’s don’t sell alcohol they brought in their own Prossecco and partied their way through. They were overwhelmed with the busy buzzing atmosphere at Zaman’s so they decided to stay here longer and not go anywhere else.”

“They befriended my brother Abid who served them all night. Derek is very friendly, down to earth, fun with a happy-go-lucky character.”

“Derek told Abid that he can’t wait to visit Newquay again so he can return to Zaman’s. He promised to come again soon.”

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