Mo Delivers Over 1,500 Complimentary Meals to Key Workers & Elderly

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We made it our mission to feed key workers during the Coronavirus crisis to lift their spirits.

Our very own Eshan ‘Mo’Miah has served more than 1,500 complimentary lunches since the lockdown started to show his appreciation to all the people who have been risking their lives to help others.

We have donated meals to Newquay Nursing and Residential Home, Penberthy Care Home, Newquay Hospital, Pentowan Home Care, Day Lewis Pharmacy (Chester Road & St Thomas Road), Narrowcliff Pharmacy, Narrowcliff Surgery, Newquay Health Centre, Kimberley Court Care Home, Hollybush Residential Home and Newquay Ambulance Station.

The generosity has not stopped there as Mo has also served meals to staff at Crantock Lodge Residential Care, Ocean Hill Residential Care, Penhellis Community Care, Henver Road Post Office, firefighters at Newquay Airport Fire Station, Pentree Lodge Care Home, Newquay Coastguard Station, Newquay Fire Station and Cornwall Air Ambulance.

We have also donated meals to people living in isolation who cannot afford food.

Mo has managed to do all this despite losing 60 per cent of business as the restaurant has had to close.

Staff have also had to make trips to Bristol and London to bring in supplies due to a reduced delivery service.

Mo has worked 15-hour shifts cooking and delivering.

He said: “I’ve carried on serving more people because firstly it’s a time where key workers are carrying on risking their lives to help others and I think they deserve appreciation and kind gestures, which helps uplift spirit in the community.

“The community has always supported me and requested that I donate to certain homes, carers, nurses and also the Cornwall Air Ambulance as the community has a soft spot and sentimental relation to these places.

“Every day you hear of deaths due to the virus.

“This virus can get anybody and it is these care workers who are basically fighting for you and if it wasn’t for these key workers maybe the virus would have spread faster and infected more people such as me and you.

“They need to be applauded because they are fighting to save my family, my friends, my community.

“The time is hard and difficult for everyone, the best one can do is to lift another person’s spirit as a community and not be thinking about making profit.

“It has been hard work coming in every day in the early morning to prep and deliver the food before coming back to work my normal shift.

“However when I cook and deliver the meals it feels good to put and see a smile on the faces of our key workers.

“The comments I have received is all the reward I need for all the hard work.”

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